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Government ‘manager bashing’ to hide Conservative failings on NHS, says Confed chief

Ministers, including the health and social care secretary, are bashing managers and exploiting the culture wars to try to ‘explain away’ the crisis in the NHS instead of facing up to the problems that 12 years of Conservative-led government have created, NHS Confederation chief executive Matthew Taylor has told HSJ.

During a wide-ranging and exclusive interview with HSJ, MatthewTaylor also raised concerns about the Messenger review and called on local system leaders to speak out if they thought NHS England was setting unrealistic financial targets

The Confed CEO told HSJ: “When you’ve been in government 12 years, to acknowledge the scale of the problems which now exist, problems which clearly reflect decisions made across those 12 years, is a hard thing to do politically.

“If you can’t recognise that the fundamental reasons [underpinning why] we face this yawning capacity gap are to do with, particularly, the decade of austerity, but [also] other failings to address capacity issues like workforce and capital, then you have to look for other culprits and you end up manager bashing and talking about wokery, because it becomes a way to explain away the reality that the patients and the public see.”

Read full story (paywalled)

Source: HSJ, 14 June 2022


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