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Government to review the future of CQC and NHS England

NHS England, the Care Quality Commission and other arm’s length bodies will be subject to an efficiency and performance review led by the Cabinet Office.

The terms of a review into all government arm’s length bodies were set out this week, with minister Jacob Rees-Mogg insisting there is an “urgent need for public service reform”.

The ‘public bodies review’ programme will consider whether ALBs “should be abolished or retained”, should continue to deliver all their functions, and whether they have an “effective relationship” with their relevant departments.

Other ALBs include the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, Health Education England, and the UK Health Security Agency.

A guidance document says: “The outcome of this work should see powers returned to accountable ministers, greater efficiency and where appropriate, the state stepping back both financially and from people’s lives…

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Source: HSJ, 29 April 2022


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