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NHS needs to ‘radically simplify’ data sharing rules, says tech chief

A national tech chief has called for a ‘radical simplification’ of the way in which NHS patients can opt out of having their data shared.

NHSX chief executive Matthew Gould today said the current system was “overly complicated” with “too many different opt out mechanisms” and it needs to be made “super simple” for the public.

His comments come as NHSX, NHS Digital and the Department of Health and Social Care are working on the much-delayed and controversial GP data-sharing programme. The scheme was paused indefinitely this summer after backlash from GPs and campaigners.

Speaking at the Healthcare Excellence Through Technology conference, Mr Gould said the NHS had a “rich history of misfiring” on getting the public’s trust for data-sharing projects, which included the recent furore around the paused General Practice Data for Planning and Research.

He said: “Where we are at the moment is an overcomplicated overlap of too many different opt out mechanisms and we’re trying to work out how to radically simplify this."

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Source: HSJ, 28 September 2021


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