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Banning drinking water for staff on wards ‘misguided’, warns union

Nursing and maternity staff have reported that they are unable to have water with them whilst working, meaning some are unable to drink water for 12 hours due to work pressures.

The Royal College of Midwives in updated guidance are calling for "common sense" from NHS trusts and boards on staff access to water and other drinks, particularly as staff are having to wear more PPE than before the pandemic began. 

Dr Mary Ross-Davie, director for professional midwifery at the RCM, said: “Some trusts and boards have banned water bottles in clinical areas, which means that our members are often going 12 hours with no break and no water. We are appealing to those services to apply common sense, to recognise that this application of infection control is misguided and to look after the health and wellbeing of their staff.”

Read full story (paywalled).

Source: Nursing Times, 11 August 2021


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