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Abuse of disabled patients forces watchdog to close hospital


The Care Quality Commission has closed mental health hospital, Eldertree Lodge, in Staffordshire after inspectors saw evidence of patients being abused.

The hospital, which looked after 40 adults with learning disabilities and autism, was found to have unprofessional and abusive staff members, with incidents being recorded on CCTV where staff slammed doors on patients. Staff were also found to pull or drag a patient in an attempt to move them to a ward seclusion room.

Commenting on the latest report, Debbie Ivanova, CQC deputy chief inspector for people with a learning disability and autistic people, said, “In some cases, people were subjected to abuse and interactions that lacked compassion, dignity or respect. This is unacceptable and people deserved better. Additionally, the environment was unhygienic and poorly maintained, as well as blighted by blind spots, which undermined staff observation of patients.

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Source: The Independent, 11 August 2021

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