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NHS pay: Call for privately employed staff to get increase

Union leaders have said cleaners, porters, catering assistants, security guards and other healthcare staff employed to work in NHS hospitals should also receive the same pay rise as NHS staff.

Recently, most NHS staff were given a pay rise of 3%, but now Unison have said those working privately in the NHS may be at risk of not getting the same increase in pay.

"NHS staff have the benefit of a national pay system, but those not directly employed are missing out, often because of complex contracting arrangements, penny-pinching practices and the hard-nosed pursuit of profit. Staff in the NHS work on one site as one team, from maintaining clean and safe wards to ensuring patients are fed and cared for. No-one delivering NHS services should be paid less than their directly-employed colleagues." Says General secretary Christina McAnea. 

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Source: BBC News, 02 August 2021


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