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Breast implant victims to receive compensation

More than 2,500 women who were victims of the PIP breast implant scandal should receive compensation, a French appeal court has decided.

It also upheld an earlier judgement finding German company TUV Rheinland, which awarded safety certificates for the faulty implants, negligent.

The case in Paris involved 540 British women, who said they suffered long-term health effects.

The results could have far-reaching implications for other victims.

Jan Spivey is one of the women in the case. She was given PIP implants after she had a mastectomy due to breast cancer.

She developed sore and aching joints, chest and back pain, fatigue, severe headaches and anxiety. Once removed it was clear her implants had been leaking silicone into her body.

She says the implants have had a massive impact on her mental health.

"My PIP implants from 20 years ago are still impacting on my life and my health and my wellbeing, even today."

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Source: BBC News, 19 May 2021


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