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We can now prevent mental ill-health in the same way we fight cancer


A cutting-edge child and adolescent mental health centre hopes to help prevent young people from experiencing mental health problems.

As we look hopefully towards a June bonfire of pandemic regulations and restrictions, many recognise that soaring rates of mental health problems and distress amongst our children and young people must be near the top of a 21st century list of challenges in “building back better”.

School closures, uncertainty and being cut off from friends and social and sporting events have seen more children and young people referred to CAMHS — a service that was facing growing demand even before the pandemic.

The long-term impact is obviously still unknown.

However, a cutting-edge child and adolescent mental health centre opening in south London two years from now will play a big role in responding to the likely increased demand for ongoing support — and in developing innovative treatment responses.

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Source: HSJ, 27 April 2021

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