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Blame culture forcing Northern Ireland doctors to consider quitting

Doctors in Northern Ireland feel increasingly "vulnerable" to criminal proceedings in the workplace, forcing them to consider abandoning the profession, senior medic, Dr Tom Black, warns. Dr Black, chairperson of the British Medical Association Northern Ireland, says that consultants in Northern Ireland are operating in a "hostile working culture" as a result of the situation. He explains that medics are increasingly fearful of the professional repercussions if they make a medical error amid pressured case loads: "Doctors feel vulnerable to criminal and regulatory proceedings, and this creates a hostile training environment for our medical students, young doctors... This blame and sanction culture creates disrespect and mistrust. This has a price - it encourages risk avoidance behaviours in professionals, inefficient and ineffective management, increased cost for the system and deteriorating services for patients."

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Source: Belfast Telegraph, 25 June 2019


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