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  1. Community Post
    Having gone through the procedure myself, I fiind these posts when they are comparing hysteroscopy to "period pain" hard to believe, especially because that is the narrative used by the NHS. Unbelievable...
  2. Community Post
    I don't think so. You can read more on the following link: https://www.gov.uk/government/collections/human-rights-the-uks-international-human-rights-obligations
  3. Community Post
    So sorry to read this and to know that there was another person that had to go through this inhumane treatment. I felt every step of your journey including the bumpy roads... Having read law as part of my degree, I can see our cases being discussed at the European Court of Human Rights...
  4. Community Post
    Dear Deborah, I am so sorry you had to go through it. I also had this procedure and I feel your pain and your early hours shaking. You are not alone! I believe, until someone takes the NHS to court because of this procedure, they will continue inflicinting pain on women in the future. As for trusting the NHS, we share the same feeling. But even after this is resolved, the question remains, how can you trust them with anything else? 😕 Again, so sorry that you had to go through it! Best, Alex
  5. Community Post
    Also, how can you know that "to have had a general anaesthetic would have been more problematic, time consuming, and no doubt higher risk."? I believe that women should not be lied to but given a choice of a local or general or no anaesthetic. It should be up to us to decide!
  6. Community Post
    I've read many comments and have been through the procedure myself and I am surprised to read your comment. If you don't mind me asking, which hospital are we talking about? When I begged my doctor to stop because od the immense pain, she disregarded my comments and carried on... I had a polyp removed too and it took me weeks to recover physically (not even talking about mentally). Because of this physical aspect, I am sorry but I find your experience hard to believe.
  7. Community Post
    As part of my recurrent miscarriage tests, I was invited for an operative hysteroscopy as I had a small polyp (2mm) at Ealing Hospital. The letter I received from the NHS stated that I may feel some discomfort similar to a menstrual period cramp and that I should take two tablets of paracetamol and one tablet of ibuprofen. I wasn't offered any anaesthetic and the procedure was so painful that I felt like I was being raped. Straight after the procedure, I was asked to leave the room even though I could barely stand. It had no impact on my recurrent miscarriages but it affected my