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    I have a long standing interest in human factors generally and situation awareness (SA) and human error particularly. I have developed methods for measuring SA that have been successfully applied in health, firefighting, military, and driving contexts.
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    University of Gloucestershire
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    Professor of Psychology and Applied Neuroscience
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    Stuck in a lift This series of blogs has been characterised by writers of great wit and wisdom, with references to Socrates, Oscar Wilde and more. As the latest incumbent, I feel a great trust has been placed upon me to maintain the standard. That I plan to completely abuse by telling you about the time I was stuck in a lift in my underpants. For the sake of probity, I should point out that they were highly respectable underpants. The sort of multi-purpose item that is sold in high-end camping shops as suitable for underwear/swimming/signal flags. That information is entirely irreleva