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    I had persistent post menopausal bleeding and have had two hysteroscopies, one with anaesthetic which was without problems and one without. The latter was nothing short of brutal. The surgeon scraped cells but then said the sample wasn’t sufficient so she scraped higher up. I felt as if I had been impaled on a spear that had been thrust up to my chest. The pain was excruciating and I literally crashed out on the table. When I came to, my blood pressure was through the roof and I had to wait several hours till I was out of danger enough for my daughter to take me home. I had pain in my sternum for a week afterwards, not to mention the shock. I was so traumatised by this that the next time I had bleeding I refused to go to the doctor as he said they would need to do the procedure again. The bleeding was very heavy and in desperation I had acupuncture because a friend recommended it. I felt the bleeding stop at the first session. I had another session a week later and have not had bleeding since. That was around four years ago. I really wish I had complained but we tend not to and it seems somehow ungrateful. Personally I believe that operation should never be done without anaesthetic. Also the NHS does nothing about the bleeding, they are merely trying to establish whether it’s a symptom of uterine cancer. In all honesty, the total cost of the acupuncture was £120. I can’t imagine how much more expensive it is to do a hysteroscopy. I cannot face the thought of ever putting myself in that kind of position again. I also cannot forget the experience of that pain which was much much worse than childbirth.