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    Hi Kathryn Yes of corse absolutely i will gladly share my experience. Nothing saddens me more for any woman to suffer and have a traumatic experience in this day and age I know how this can affect anyone long term with any trauma. I put many objectives on the table to the consultant yesterday i am no push over and whilst the hysteroscopy is not pleasant around dignity etc if there is another way of getting round this procedure I am all for that but for me yesterday it left me feeling a lot of admiration for the team i had with me yesterday practiced skills with reassurance car
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    Hi Thank you for replying to my message on here, I was merely putting my experience to help others like me yesterday not to cause a debate, nor do I want to get into one, i am well aware of why and what the procedure was for and wanted to describe my experience on the hysteroscopy procedure, it was 100% fine for me and listened to professionals and a consultant skilled in that area to give me exactly that and trusted there guidance and information and trust me I asked many questions before hand and consenting I am well aware of hospital protocols, luckily having a daughter as a hi
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    hi all I had a hysteroscopy yesterday 1pm after many sleepless nights worrying and anxiety going through the roof I got to hospital yesterday and had to go in alone my partner was not allowed even allowed the reception present guidelines for safety, I was extremely teary and petrified after reading some of the reviews I explained to consultant and nurses that I was petrified they were fantastic. I took 2x cocodomol and 1x naproxen an hour before appointment as advised in the letter. I had to sit in a chair gown over my lower half of body. To which they began the proc