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    Hi Kathryn Yes of corse absolutely i will gladly share my experience. Nothing saddens me more for any woman to suffer and have a traumatic experience in this day and age I know how this can affect anyone long term with any trauma. I put many objectives on the table to the consultant yesterday i am no push over and whilst the hysteroscopy is not pleasant around dignity etc if there is another way of getting round this procedure I am all for that but for me yesterday it left me feeling a lot of admiration for the team i had with me yesterday practiced skills with reassurance caring respect patience, and I felt very looked after and honestly could not have thanked them enough Kathryn. X
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    Hi Thank you for replying to my message on here, I was merely putting my experience to help others like me yesterday not to cause a debate, nor do I want to get into one, i am well aware of why and what the procedure was for and wanted to describe my experience on the hysteroscopy procedure, it was 100% fine for me and listened to professionals and a consultant skilled in that area to give me exactly that and trusted there guidance and information and trust me I asked many questions before hand and consenting I am well aware of hospital protocols, luckily having a daughter as a highly skilled nurse who gave me the information needed for me to proceed with the hysteroscopy procedure, im all for woman having choice however until you have this procedure only you can talk about a good or bad experience ssdly some have experienced bad or suffered for ressons i do not know and and sympathise as I raised in my comment earlier I suffer with anxiety therefore i read all information given and was satisfied. And happy it was dealt with yesterday i wouldn't have wanted to wait wait 2 weeks nor wait for results that would have heightened my anxiety. I wanted to share a positive experience on here regardless it is only fair we all have a voice and hope my experience encourages others to do the same 🤗
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    hi all I had a hysteroscopy yesterday 1pm after many sleepless nights worrying and anxiety going through the roof I got to hospital yesterday and had to go in alone my partner was not allowed even allowed the reception present guidelines for safety, I was extremely teary and petrified after reading some of the reviews I explained to consultant and nurses that I was petrified they were fantastic. I took 2x cocodomol and 1x naproxen an hour before appointment as advised in the letter. I had to sit in a chair gown over my lower half of body. To which they began the procedure taking me through it starting with entering the vagina with the small tube/ camera going up into the cervix uterus and womb. I can honestly say this procedure was a breeze compared to all my worries tears and anxiety do not worry about having this completed it has to be done and is not a procedure needing Ga unless underlying health issues, the nurses fully reassure me and I breathed my way through it for me a smear test is more uncomfortable. Forget about dignity etc having a smear was worse for me and if I had to have one done again. I would not be worried at all. Hope this helps any ladies that was worried like I was.