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    Came across it when I did a search about hysteroscopy
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    Oh my goodness, I did a google search as I'm having hysteroscopy done under GA next Friday and came across this forum. Oh how I wished that I had seen it sooner. I had a bleeding discharge, 10 years post menopause, about 6 weeks ago and was referred for a hysteroscopy. If I had known then just how painful the procedure was going to be I think I would have demanded for it to be done under GA at the time. I have got quite a high pain threshold and so was quite shaken with the experience, even though the doctor was really good, she just was unable to get into my womb to have 'a good look around'. I was in a lot of pain for the rest of the day and well into the night. I have only read the first couple of replies but am going to take a further look back to see if there's any advice I can glean from them. Thanking you in advance Jackie