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    I caught Covid in the run up to lockdown in March. Suffered with loss of smell, sinus infection and loss of hearing in one ear. I also has an extreme fever for a couple weeks with hallucinations most nights, breathing difficulties, cough, strong aches in muscles and joints, pins and needles, delirium and insomnia.
    When the fever died down this was followed by panic attacks which mimicked heart attacks that would last for hours. Since then I have had numerous relapses lasting 2-3 weeks where all symptoms have returned but in a milder form. I have still been floored and unable to leave my bed when this happens.
    Since catching COVID ongoing symptoms have been fatigue, anxiety, strange rashes, numbness in limbs, heart palpations, internal tremors, low oxygen saturation and brain fog. Once a healthy individual the smallest exertion can leave me exhausted. My ability to carry out my job has been impacted as a result. I have taken numerous sick days since and also used annual leave to recover from relapses. Now currently on sick leave.
    I would like to hear other people’s experiences and gain further insight into how we may address issues faced regarding people recovering from Covid.

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    I was told by my GP that the clinics were only for people who had been hospitalised. I pointed out that with hindsight, I should have gone to hospital but in March it was very much advised that you stay at home. I also referred to the thousands of patients who like me are suffering from a broad range of chronic symptoms. Due to timing of initial infection these individuals do not have positive tests to prove they have had covid. I have however been referred to a respiratory clinic and will shortly be having an ECG. However, due to the extensive list of symptoms, I really feel I would be better