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    Interested in prevention of psychological harm and unnecessary pain caused by medical procedures carried out without adequate pain relief on conscious patients. Particularly relating to outpatient hysteroscopy.
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    Campaign Against Painful Hysteroscopy
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    THE AFTER EFFECTS (Part 2) SUFFERING AND FINANCIAL LOSS OVER 3 YEARS I am including this information in the hope that it will reinforce how much suffering and loss can be caused by subjecting women to such excruciatingly painful practices, during gynaecological procedures. The woman that leaves that room is not the same woman that went in. The patient leaflet said I would be able to return to work the next day. I went to work but my sister had to collect me at lunch time and take me home. I had some internal pain and felt pulled about. Mentally, I could not function. I was still i
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    HYSTEROSCOPY, BIOPSY & POLYP REMOVAL (Part 1) First of all I was taken into a room where the consultant quickly looked at my file and I was asked to sign the consent form. Very little discussion took place. I was to have a hysteroscopy to check for cancer of the womb. A biopsy was mentioned and also the fact that I had a polyp. I knew about the polyp because it had been found in 2010 during a previous hysteroscopy. The consultant at that time saw no reason to remove it and I believed that it would be left again as I had no symptoms. No options were discussed. I felt scared and vu