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Intensive Care patients....can you help?

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Medical professionals working in critical care do a lot of research to help improve outcomes for both patients and relatives. In recent years patient and public involvement in health care has become much more common and this extends into the area of research as well.

Can you help?

If you've been involved with intensive care, either as a patient or a relative, you may be able to help.

Sign up to the ICU Steps patient and relative research volunteers list using the form below. 

What's involved?

It depends entirely on what we're asked to help with as to what's involved. Work involved with recent research we've been contacted about with has ranged from: attending meetings with researchers, filling in online questionnaires and being asked to give opinions on the topics which mattered most to patients and relatives.

The work undertaken by researchers is crucial in improving the care given to others going through a period of critical illness and your own experiences can help. By contacting us, you're under no obligation to help with anything you'd rather not and you're free to ask us to remove you from our list of contacts at any time.

Your help is important and greatly appreciated.


Click the link to access the form




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