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Ask for GA for hysteroscopy??


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I have been given an appointment for a hysteroscopy….I have endometriosis and cysts on both ovaries and my womb is stuck to my bowel.The consultant wants this procedure doing to see the inside of the womb and take a biopsy of the endometrium.I have serious fears about having this done and now after reading some of the ladies stories more so.I asked my consultant if this would be more painful than a colposcopy and cervix punch which I had recently which I found painful and screamed out when I was having it done.Doctor and nurse did not tell me I was having that done and was caught completely unaware.Even though I was in obvious pain he said he had not got enough sample and carried on. Luckily though this procedure did not last long and I nearly feel off the table trying to get away.So the thought of the hysteroscopy and biopsy is freaking me out. I asked in the  last consultation if there is much risk with this op and was told that because I will be awake then no….so I really do not know what to do.Any advice would be greatly recieved.


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Hi Anne

As part of informed consent you should be given all of the options available to you and talked through the pros of cons of each. This should include general anaesthetic. This will help you to make an informed decision that feels right for you. You could ask to speak to your GP about this and it is worth mentioning your previous experience in relation to pain.

You can also request to have a chaperone with you for the procedure which may help you feel supported. If you are awake for the procedure, speak to the staff performing the procedure about how they will check in with you to make sure they obtain continued consent throughout and that you are happy for them to continue.  

Talk to them about your previous experiences and the importance of being able to pause or stop the procedure if you do need to. Some people have found it useful to have someone there with them to drive them home afterwards too, even if this hasn't been highlighted as a necessity in any of the info given to you beforehand.  

I am so sorry you have had a difficult experience previously and did not feel you had been informed of what what going to take place. That is not in line with informed consent and should not have happened to you. 

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