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Is hysteroscopy/polypectomy with epidural anesthesia possible?


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For years before I had kids i would spot between periods for 1-2 days like a light period. The gynecologist found a small uterine polyp back in 2017. They were not concerned so i left it. I also left it because i was afraid to be put under (even though i have been under general 3 times)
Anyway since having my son back in April 2021 i only spotted twice and it was nothing like I had before kids. Last years ultrasound came back clear with no polyp. I was seriously so happy. It was just minimal red blood mixed with discharge. I'm a hypochondriac so I got checked out (something in me knew though..I'm going to be giving myself more anxiety). Sure enough it is back. Yet again its up to me if I want to remove it. It isn't alarming. So because my mom had precancer removed from her uterus and cervix recently..I now am leaning to removal. 

I just hope I can get an epidural like I had with my kids labors. I know it's rare and some doctors won't depends on the case. (My case is a 1cm uterine polyp. Nothing to complicated). So I am literally praying I can do an epidural. I am scared I won't wake up with general or any type of sedation. 

Have any of you ladies asked for an epidural for hysteroscopy (small polyp removal)? Were you denied an epidural ?(i had some one tell me a gynecologist did deny epidural for their procedure because it would be more comfortable with general.) Yet they use epidurals or spinal for c sections.  I'm so bummed..I hope i find someond willing to do a epidural and there is no pain during the procedure but im alert 🤔

If you had an epidural for your hysteroscopy procedure what was it like? Was it completely painless?

I'm freaking out because I thought this was behind me but it is not and I don't want to be put out for surgery. I'm on a wait list to even see a gynecologist and it is 6-12 mths wait for non urgent here in Ontario Canada. So I'm panicking for no reason right now I know. I just do not do good with medical procedures or health issues for myself. I'm going to have myself so sick by the time I see this specialist. I keeo googling and researching...trying to find something to confirm i can indeed get a epidural. I know though it is up to the doctors. Im so anxious. I hate waiting😔

I wish I could find a gynecologist accepting earlier then 6-12 mths cause this is brutal..wondering about all the what ifs. Some days I don't want to do a thing but I got to because I'm a mom. I have to put my emotions aside and suck it up.

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