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Help please: Managing challenging behaviour in Primary Care

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Hi all - I work as Clinical Quality Manager for Primary & Community Services (with the newly formed Hampshire & Isle of Wight ICS). 

I chair a regular meeting for Primary Care colleagues - typically some of the local GPs and practice managers attend.

I am wanting to spotlight a bit on  'challenging behaviour' among primary care patients, and specifically the importance of addressing it as early as possible - i.e. all the steps that can be taken before resorting to de-registration or special allocation scheme (SAS).

Has anyone on the hub got experience of doing similar? If so, would you be able to share anything - resources, case studies or presentations perhaps? Maybe you have some learning from a specific incident? I really just want to prompt some discussion among those present, so I don't mind if the materials cover good/bad practices in how to manage challenging behaviours.

As always, the real learning comes from the conversations, not necessarily the slides!

Thanks in advance, Leo 🙂

PS. Happy to share whatever I end up using afterwards.


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Hi Leo, that's a very good question and it would be great to get some discussion going about this. I met yesterday with some primary care patient safety leads. I'm about to write to them so will add you question and invite them to respond.

Thanks Helen

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