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I had a Hysteroscopy 7 days ago at my local hospital in Devon as an Outpatient. The outcome 2 small polyps removed and a biopsy sample taken. Reason for procedure was 40 days of post menopausal HRT bleeding. I have not had children and am carrying several stones too much weight.

The pre op letter said I could eat and take pain killers before. I chose not to as it was 9.30am and a previous polyp removal in Abergavenny 2013 had been under GA so I thought I'd have options this way.

2 Nurses and a Specialist Nurse were present, all appeared kind and caring. Time was taken to discuss HRT Oestrogen reduction and possibility of a coil.

I was nervous, but nothing written in my letter of invitation or pre op conversation gave any hint of how awful this procedure would feel. What felt like 20 mins into the procedure I mustered the ability through half closed eyes, white knuckles and a small voice to ask 'how long left?' At this point I was offered anaesthetic gel or injection. I opted for gel as I couldn't face anything  even more invasive, but if what I experienced was a dummed down pain, wow!

I am tearful as I write this and shocked/reassured to read other women's experiences. A nurse held my hand from start to finish, another stroked my back and operated the tilt of the bed as I swung between almost fainting and vomiting at the end of the procedure. My legs were open and uncontrolably quivering, I was cold...was I in shock? I used every ounce of will power to get dressed, struggled to text my husband waiting down the corridor, just wanted to be transported away by any means. I felt weak and vulnerable, being guided by him through the corridors to the exit,  my eyes half closed and trying to breath through my Covid face protection.

I will never do that again. Socially we don't accept some procedures that take place on women in other parts of the world and yet this is ok? Please NHS, reconsider how this procedure is performed, particularly for women who have not had children.



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It’s very kind of you to share your experience with us. How absolutely awful, it’s shocking to hear. The staff ‘appeared kind and caring’ was such a telling phase. From what you outline, they must have seen how much pain and distress you were in. I agree with you, we must ensure that women are provided with the information and support they need, so that women don’t experience such avoidable pain. The guidance is there, it needs to be followed. 

Thank you again and sending you my very best wishes. Helen 

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