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Long Covid: What information do patients and staff need to improve care and understanding?

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More than a million people in the UK are now living with prolonged symptoms of Covid-19, also referred to as Long Covid. In this blog (see link below), Patient Safety Learning have identified 4 key areas where better information around Long Covid could help to improve care and outcomes. 

Long Covid: Information gaps and the safety implications

Are you living with Long Covid? Or perhaps you’re a healthcare professional supporting those who are struggling to recover?

We want to know:

  • What did you think of the points raised in the blog?
  • What is your experience of accessing or delivering Long Covid services?
  • What’s working well?
  • What are the main challenges and barriers?
  • What more needs to happen to support healthcare professionals and patients?

Your perspectives are integral to developing this conversation, so please do share your insights by commenting below. You’ll need to sign up to the hub (its free and easy to do). 

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Today NHS England and NHS Improvement have published their new Long Covid Plan 2021/22 which outlines 10 key next steps to be taken by the NHS to support people living with Long Covid.

This includes some new proposals such, including:

  • Expanding the services available on the Your Covid Recovery platform "to allow anyone with symptoms to access a range of symptom management advice without needing a referral from a clinician".
  • Establish 15 Long Covid assessment children and young people’s hubs across.

What are your thoughts on the proposals in this new plan?

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