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HSJ: Beds, backlog and bureaucracy


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As the health service continues to absorb covid-19 pressures, and with Omicron adding further strain to an already debilitated workforce, this webinar will look into the core issues and gaps around staff safety and wellbeing and the subsequent risk to patients.

Join this webinar to engage in an open and honest discussion with valuable perspectives from frontline clinicians on some of the key emerging challenges around workforce safety and contingency options and innovation solutions that will help ensure essential services can be maintained safely.

The realities of dealing with continued service disruption and uncertainty: A perspective from frontline clinicians on the impact on patient safety.

Is enough being done around staff wellbeing? Find out what kind of support staff really need to ensure they can maintain high standards of care

Safety education: How to bring organisational safety standards to the forefront with sections on People, Processes and Performance and discuss the impact of multidisciplinary team training on patient.


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