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Webinar - The role of technology in reducing clinical negligence claims and costs to patients and the system

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The eyewatering cost of clinical negligence claims to the NHS have dominated the headlines over the years, with spending increasing on average by 13% each year since 2010/11. Should costs continue to rise at the same rate, we could see the NHS paying out £4.4 billion a year by 2023/24, constituting a major threat to the sustainability and viability of the NHS.

We need to tackle the problem at the source – by making improvements in quality and patient safety so that both patient harm and subsequent litigation are reduced. According to NHS England, by 2024, continuous improvements in patient safety could save an extra 1,000 lives and up to £100m in care costs each year.

So how can this threat be reversed and where does technology come into play?

  • The role of technology in enabling staff to shift from a reactive to a proactive approach to deliver patient care, subsequently preventing avoidable harm
  • Investing in the right infrastructure to support staff identify risks, ultimately reducing litigation costs
  • Really committing to learning and having a system in place which instils that learning
  • Enabling and supporting system-wide safety improvements

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