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"Building back better" - How can the safe adoption of AI in NHS breast screening alleviate workforce pressures and support women who access screening?


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In September 2020 the UK Government announced the winners of its first Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Health and Care Awards and Kheiron's bid was successful. The funding that's been won will accelerate the roll out and rapid adoption of Mia (Mammography Intelligent Assessment) to address critical workforce challenges in NHS breast screening services in the UK. 

Kheiron is using the next 3 years to technically deploy and generate the evidence that our AI tool (Mia) can be safely adopted as the second reader in the breast screening workflow. They will be doing this across 15 NHS Breast Screening sites in the UK to prove generalisability. The tool will need to work for any woman, anywhere.

This webinar presents an opportunity to find out more about the strategic context of the work with talks from the national leads at NHSEI and NHSx backing the project, clinicians helping to run the research and Kheiron itself on what we hope to achieve.


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