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Key issues for the COVID-19 vaccination programme - development, regulation, distribution, the global dimension, and improving future routine vaccination uptake


Event details

This Westminister Health Forum conference is focussing on the future of vaccination programmes in the UK.

Stakeholders and policymakers will review progress and discuss what can be learned for the future development and uptake of vaccinations - as well as the priorities for improving routine immunisation coverage in the UK.

The conference takes place with the UK COVID-19 vaccination programme overwhelmingly regarded as progressing well, but with:

  • challenges - around take-up and reluctance from some sections of society to engage
  • tensions - internationally and within the UK over supply and distribution
  • questions - over how to achieve sufficient global levels of immunisation.

Areas for discussion include:

  • progress, early lessons and the role of the vaccine in the wider national response to the pandemic
  • development of the COVID-19 vaccine and what can be learned from the innovative methods and processes that have been used to implement rollout at pace and scale
  • implications for the future of vaccines in the UK and improving routine immunisation coverage in the UK
  • the future role of the UK in global development, rollout and administration of vaccinations.


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