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Digital Mental Health for Adults and Older People

Event details

An event from the Royal Society of Medicine

Thought leaders, champions, professionals and patients who are on the front line dealing with adult mental health issues will discuss the mental effects caused by the use of digital technology as well as the benefits generated from doing so.

Expert speakers will consider the overall digital technology market in relation to mental health, and personal perspectives from young adults dealing with their mental fitness that can be adversely affected by the use of digital technologies such as social media platforms. 

This event is split into 3 parallel streams in the afternoon, the first covering digital tools that clinicians can use with their patients; the second explaining digital tools that adults and older people can use on their own to manage or improve their mental health; and the third looking at the academic evidence being generated on this topic.  

The afternoon sessions will also include interactive workshops, enabling delegates to try out the digital tools for themselves, understand the thinking behind them, and discuss the pros and cons of their use with the entrepreneurs who have created them, you may even get the chance to influence further development of these tools and develop ideas to create products of your own. 

Topics include: 

  • Explain current key mental health issues being faced by adults and older people
  • Explain the current types of NHS service provision in this domain with specific focus on the use of digital tools and techniques 
  • Explore how the NHS is using digital tools to improve the mental wellbeing of adults and older people, the lessons learned from their implementation, and how others can implement them 
  • Understand the range of digital tools and techniques available to manage and improve the mental health of adults and older people 
  • Provide an overview of the latest evidence that explores: 
    • How the use of digital technology may be adversely affecting the mental health of adults and older people
    • How the use of digital tools may be used to improve the mental health of adults and older people 
  • Showcase digital tools that clinicians can prescribe to their patients to help them manage their mental wellbeing

Join in the conversation on social media using #RSMDigiHealth

Book here: https://www.rsm.ac.uk/events/digital-health/2018-19/tem05/ 

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