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Scaling the mountain: peaks and pitfalls of perioperative pain management

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Join Dr Tanya Uritsky, clinical pharmacy specialist in pain stewardship at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, where she will identify risk factors for opioid-induced respiratory depression in hospitalised surgical patients, define opioid tolerance, recognise other CNS depressants that can potentiate opioid-induced sedation and respiratory depression, and recommend an appropriate opioid starting dose for an opioid naïve perioperative patient.

Opioid stewardship is the appropriate use of opioids and is an important part of patient safety. The highest risk for the development of opioid-induced respiratory depression is during the first 24 hours post-operatively. Knowing the best practices for pain management in the perioperative period, including how to identify a patient at increased risk for opioid-related adverse events, can help to improve patient safety. This session will provide insights into patient-related risk factors and considerations for pain management in the perioperative period.  


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