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Patient Safety Officer roundtable engagement: When disaster strikes in the OR will you be prepared?

Event details

As we continue to adjust to a new way of conducting business and with your safety in mind, the Patient Safety Authority are continuing their series of roundtable discussions to facilitate engagement between PA healthcare facilities.

Instead of regional in-person events, the Engagement Roundtable series will be conducted virtually, with participation open statewide via Microsoft Teams. The Patient Safety Authority believes that in the age of social distancing, finding ways to stay connected with other patient safety professionals is more important than ever. The primary goal of these events is to facilitate the sharing and discussion of information in a collaborative environment for a range of patient safety topics.

This session is intended to give hospitals and ambulatory surgery facilities an opportunity to discuss current topics of interest and issues of concern submitted by facilities. This session will lead off with a discussion of how facilities prepare for potential disasters in the OR and lessons learned from actual events, followed by a general discussion.


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