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The King's Fund. Building your authority: influencing beyond your role (part 2)


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It is no longer enough just to have a good idea; just as important is the ability to work collaboratively with others, to navigate organisational politics and to work with relational dynamics to use that idea to create change. 

In the midst of a global pandemic, where new organisational arrangements have changed familiar lines of authority and where leadership takes place predominantly from behind a computer screen, opportunities for influencing can be fraught with dilemmas and frustrations as well as bringing opportunities for innovation and new ways of working. 

This programme from the King's Fund will enable you to work more effectively in the gap between your commitment and enthusiasm for change and the reality of making things happen within the constraints of your role and wider system priorities.   

The ongoing response to COVID-19 and uncertainties about the coming months have brought an added layer of anxiety and complexity to the role of leaders, with familiar tactics and assumptions about leadership being challenged in this unprecedented environment.   

This programme will offer a reflective space to support you in taking stock, providing an opportunity to review your learning about leadership in the current context, and will help prepare you for working well in the coming months. It will enable you to work with the complexity of relationships within teams and across organisations, and will help you to develop a language and conceptual base in order to make sense of the nuances in today’s health and care systems.

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