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World Sepsis Congress (WSC) Spotlight: Sepsis, pandemics, and antimicrobial resistance – Global health threats of the 21st century

Event details

This year’s programme brings together highly ranked representatives of international and national healthcare authorities, NGOs, policymakers, clinical scientists, researchers, and pioneers in healthcare improvement with the unified goal of improving AMR and sepsis healthcare around the world.

The objectives of this free Spotlight online congress are to review achievements, challenges, and potential solutions to combat the threats posed by AMR and sepsis globally. Speakers will describe the current global epidemiology and burden of sepsis and AMR, explore a future research agenda, provide an overview of lessons and challenges from the COVID-19 pandemic and recent Ebola outbreaks, and ultimately explore innovative and cost-effective approaches to preventing and combating sepsis and AMR.

The WSC Spotlight is a free online congress and is attended by a large number of clinicians, health decision-makers, and other health workers. For example, more than 40,000 people from 160 countries tuned in to the 2017 WSC Spotlight on maternal and neonatal sepsis (and accessed more than 300,000 times on YouTube and Apple Podcasts in the following weeks).

Moreover, at the occasion of this congress, WHO will launch the first Global report on the epidemiology and burden of sepsis. The report describes results from original research and existing published evidence, the methodologies and limitations of the studies, and identifies gaps and priorities for future research.

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