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Personalising digital tools for people with learning disabilities: challenges and solutions


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Supporting individuals with learning disabilities to access the care for their needs comes with a number of challenges. But could we finally put the people using services at the heart of planning and delivery with the use of technology? Join this free online event from The King's Fund to discuss concrete examples of innovative digital solutions and to consider how technology can help with personalising care for people with learning disabilities.

You will hear about:

  • practical ways of adjusting a digital tool to the individual using it, to make them feel more comfortable in their path to more independence
  • the importance of creative and empathetic attitudes in problem-solving in order to build tailored solutions
  • evidence for the benefits of using digital tools for people with learning disabilities and some cautionary tales, too.
  • ways to involve the person, their family and carers at an early stage and throughout the decision-making process
  • the role of technology in promoting better health outcomes for people from disadvantaged groups and enhancing social inclusion.


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