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BD Patient Safety webinar series - Sessions #1 and #2 : Honouring World Patient Safety Day


Event details

10:00 a.m (CEST time) – Roundtable discussion. Patient Safety culture in practice: how patient safety leaders can practically develop or sustain a culture of safety

The speakers will discuss:

  • Using a systems approach across patient care journeys. 
  • Empowering healthcare workers to recognise, adopt and promote safety initiatives.
  • Leveraging technology to optimise safety for both patients and healthcare workers and will feature a spotlight on how to sustain patient safety culture in a time of crisis with lessons learned responding to the current coronavirus pandemic.   

Webinar moderated by Prof. Dr. Kris Vanhaecht Speakers: Prof. Dr. Kris Vanhaecht Prof. Cordula Wagner Dr. María Cruz Martín Delgado Mr. Edward Jones

11:30 a.m (CEST time) – Prioritising safety: the critical link between the safety of healthcare workers and patients

"Speak up for healthcare worker safety", the call to action for this year's WHO World Patient Safety Day, is especially relevant given the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on healthcare workers in health systems across the globe. This discussion will emphasise the critical link between the safety of caregivers and patients and the renewed urgency to make fundamental and lasting improvements. 

Webinar presented by Prof. Dr. Kris Vanhaecht

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