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Webinar: Empathetic communication and caring for the caregiver during COVID-19

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COVID-19 brings an enormous set of challenges to hospitals around the world. One challenge in particular, the current mental state of healthcare workers, is now taking centre stage as clinicians face delivering difficult news to patients and their families about what is happening, what to expect, and how to prepare.

ECRI and RLDatix have come together to deliver a special webcast led by Dr. Tim McDonald, an expert on Communication and Optimal Resolution (CANDOR). In this much-needed training, Dr McDonald will share the importance of implementing the CANDOR process and demonstrate how the lines of communication for patients and care teams can mitigate the negative consequences of this crisis and help support healthcare workers as they seek emotional first aid, a sense of well-being, and morale.

The webinar includes two role-playing videos that address real-world scenarios healthcare workers are facing today.

  • Scenario one illustrates an empathic conversation healthcare workers have with the wife of a COVID-19 patient who needs to be placed on a ventilator due to a rapid decline in his condition.
  • Scenario two demonstrates the pressure and emotional stress healthcare workers experience after a terrible harm event.

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