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Webinar: COVID-19 Series. Facing hard truths on the frontlines


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This webinar series from the Royal Society of Medicine aims to support you as we navigate the challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic. We're aiming to unite healthcare workers on the frontlines with senior decision makers leading the response in this critical fight against COVID-19.

Chaired by leading experts, these webinars aim to support you as we discuss different topics and challenges that healthcare workers, leaders and the public are facing, and how we are responding. 

In this first webinar, Dr Rachel Clarke will discuss the challenging topics of bereavement and dying with Sir Simon Wessely, drawing on her own professional and personal encounters.

The COVID-19 pandemic is raising difficult questions about end of life care, and some frontline staff and care-givers are experiencing dilemmas they never expected to face; Dr Clarke and Sir Simon will explore these issues bringing in their own professional experience, with plenty of opportunites for Q&A.

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