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Improvement culture club - Creativity in healthcare


Event details

The Improvement Culture Club has 4 pillars that underpin it:

1. Creativity  2. Kindness  3. Empowerment  4.Knowledge

This session will explore how can we "think" without limits, explore the art of possibilities and stop doing the same thing again and again?. Creativity breaks down boundaries, connects with your imagination and transcends traditional thinking.

The first session looks at creativity in healthcare. It will cover:   

  1. What is creative thinking?  
  2. How to be a creative thinker and the mindset  
  3. What are the barriers to being creative in healthcare    
  4. What are benefits of creative thinking in healthcare                                                                 

This will be an interactive session with opportunities for you to share ideas, learning and suggestions. It is open to everyone. The Improvement culture club is aiming to understand the conditions and approaches needed to really shift organisational culture to be "ready" to support staff to carry out improvement. Staff are busy, tired and burnt-out, finding the motivation and time to carry out improvement requires a shift in approach.

The Event is hosted with the Q Community. Please note, MSTeams link to the event will be shared with you closer to the date. 

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