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Picker: Care Experience Symposium:


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The Care Experience Symposium will gather health and care thought leaders, professionals, caregivers, and advocates for a captivating and enlightening symposium programme that will combine contributions from leading experts as well as share living examples of how people’s experiences can catalyse positive change in health and care services. 

It will show the power of stories to help heal the system: through Schwartz Rounds, co-production with patients, and other ways that stories help us make sense of the world. Participants will also examine how data about patient and staff experiences can inform our understanding of service quality, address novel and important questions, and help put people at the centre of care.

The symposium will be chaired by Jocelyn Cornwell, the founder and former CEO of The Point of Care Foundation, renowned for her contributions to patient-centred care and healthcare improvement. 

Keynote Speaker Panel 

  • Angela Coulter: Chair, Picker; Policy researcher with a particular interest in people’s experiences of care. 
  • Tessa Richards: Patient, Carer, Doctor; A multifaceted perspective on healthcare experiences. 
  • Liz O’Riordan: Patient, Carer, Doctor (via video provocation); A compelling voice advocating for patient-centred care. 


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