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Population health: an opportunity to transform health and care

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The health and care system are in crisis with staff trying to address backlogs of care and the aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic, amid workforce shortages, financial constraints and a wider cost-of-living crisis. But how can the system move away from this new normal to a new way of working?

Population health approaches offer the opportunity to move from a reactive system that treats patients when they are ill to one that proactively addresses the impact of wider social determinants on people’s heath and tackles the effects of health inequalities. Now is the time to start thinking differently about the health and care system.

At this King's Fund event you will hear from local experts and international speakers about how the health and care system can begin to make this shift. It will discuss why population health offers a way to not only tackle health inequalities and improve the health of individuals and communities but can also provide solutions for a system under constant stress.

New ideas will be discussed that are inspiring professionals across the sector and explore practical examples of how to address the inequalities social determinants create using a population health lens. Sharing of good-practice examples of how population health works within integrated care systems, how communities come together to promote better health outcomes for residents, and how leaders make a difference from local to national level to solve many of the problems facing the health and care system through the population health model. 


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