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AfPP: Blood and bodily fluids exposure and sharp safety in theatres

Event details

This session will focus on blood and bodily fluids exposure, including sharps injuries as well as their risk factors and prevention strategies. This webinar will present the 2020 RCN study and the 2022 UK NHS Trust study of sharps injury (SI) among UK HCW and, by comparing these results with other countries, question whether UK 2013 Sharps Regulations went far enough, and whether increased emphasis may be required on reporting, recording and implementation of effective prevention strategies.

Learning outcomes:

  • Define sharps injuries (SI); the four steps in sharps usage that place staff at risk; and the top two staff groups at risk of SI.
  • Discuss the incidence of SI in the UK and UK HCW staff groups compared with international incidences.
  • Appraise whether facility’s reporting and recording of SI enables benchmarking of the efficacy of their preventive strategies.
  • Define three prevention strategies proven to reduce SI.


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