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The UK's maternity inequalities examined: exploring disparities the BAME community faces


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The Independent is hosting an expert panel, as part of a virtual event series, to examine exactly why maternity inequalities exist within the UK. Health correspondent Shaun Lintern has reported regularly on the shocking realities often facing pregnant women in the UK who are either black or from an ethnic minority.

To discuss the matter further he will be hosting a panel of experts, which includes Marian Knight, Professor of Maternal and Child Population Health at the University of Oxford, to try and tackle exactly what the issues are that cause such staggering inequality to be experienced by black or ethnic minority women who are pregnant here in the UK on a daily basis.

Medical professionals have long assumed the death rate can be explained by pre-existing conditions amongst black women such as high blood pressure, or the higher prevalence of complications such as pre-eclampsia. Rather, research from the US points to a more complex picture. So what is really happening?

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