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Coronavirus 'as deadly as Ebola in hospital'

People needing hospital treatment for coronavirus are as likely to die as those with Ebola, claim UK researchers. The warning comes as the largest study in Europe showed at least a third of hospital patients with COVID-19 die.

The disease is mild for most and can be treated at home, but scientists said people needed to realise how dangerous the infection could be. Obesity, ageing and being male greatly increase the risk of death, according to the data from 166 British hospitals.

Medical details on nearly 17,000 coronavirus patients in England, Wales and Scotland have been analysed and it shows that 49% survived and were discharged, 33% have died and 17% were still being treated.

"Some people persist in believing that Covid-19 is no worse than a bad dose of flu - they are gravely mistaken," said Calum Semple, the Chief Investigator on the trial, and a Professor in Child Health and Outbreak Medicine at the University of Liverpool.

"The crude case fatality rate for people who are admitted to hospital with severe Covid-19 is 35% to 40%, which is similar to that for people admitted to hospital with Ebola. People need to hear this and get it into their heads... this is an incredibly dangerous disease."

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Source: BBC News, 29 April 2020


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