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Leading doctors launch legal action over physician associates

Leading doctors are to launch legal action against the medical regulator amid rising concerns about the use of physician associates.

The British Medical Association said it needed to take action before the “uncontrolled experiment” of the use of medical associate professions (MAPs) “before it leads to more unintended patient harm”.

The union said it is launching legal action against the General Medical Council (GMC) over the way it plans to regulate MAPs.

"We have had enough of the Government and the NHS leadership eroding our profession. We are standing up for both doctors and patients to block this ill thought through project before it leads to more unintended patient harm," said Professor Philip Banfield, BMA council chairman.

It said that there is a “dangerous blurring of lines” for patients between doctors and assistant roles.

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Source: The Independent, 24 June 2024


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