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Webinar today @ 1pm: Responding to voices from the healthcare frontline

Join Animah Kosai, Founder of Speak Up at Work, Roger Kline, Trustee Patients First UK, and Kernan Manion Executive Director, Center for Physician Rights as we explore essential crisis communication principles to ensure staff safety, healthcare team cohesion, and effective care delivery. 

Few in our local and national communities have ever experienced a pandemic causing complete shutdown and emergency isolation measures.

With such an immense and unparalleled global catastrophe, despite play-acting disaster drills,  few corporations are truly prepared for the emergency response demands and the accompanying requirement for a Crisis Response Mindset and its communication principles. 

Fortunately, wisdom gleaned from knowledge-based science and on-the-ground experience in prior epidemics and natural catastrophes is available to guide us through this very unfamiliar turf.

A particular focus is on intra-organisational crisis management and communication with an aim toward sharing best practices.

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