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New AI tool ‘can rapidly rule out heart attacks in people attending A&E’

A new artificial intelligence tool (AI) developed in the UK can rapidly rule out heart attacks in people attending A&E and help tens of thousands avoid unnecessary hospital stays each year, according to its creators.

Known as Rapid-RO, the AI tool has been found to successfully rule out heart attacks in over a third of patients across four UK hospitals during trials.

Professor James Leiper, associate medical director at the British Heart Foundation (BHF), which funded the study, said: “This research demonstrates the important role AI could play in guiding treatment decision for heart patients.

“By quickly identifying patients who are safe to be discharged, this technology could help people avoid unnecessary hospital stays, allowing valuable NHS time and resource to be redirected to where it could have the greatest benefit.”

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Source: The Independent, 3 June 2024


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