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ADHD medication shortage continues, pharmacists say

The continuing shortage of ADHD medication is causing those with the condition increasing stress and anxiety, the BBC has been told.

Pharmacists said the problem persists despite a government assurance it would be resolved by the end of last year.

In September, the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC) blamed the UK-wide scarcity on "increased global demand and manufacturing issues".

It said the disruption was "expected to resolve" between October and December.

Lorraine Jukes, who has ADHD, said: "Here I am in April 2024, with only four days of medication left."

The 36-year-old, from Iffley, Oxford, said she was "frantically phoning through lists of pharmacies" and being told there was no stock and no indication of any being available before she runs out.

Oliver Picard, vice chair of the National Pharmacy Association, said: "We were told it would be resolved in December.

"Some of the medication is starting to come back. In March, we had the supply of a certain brand of ADHD medication, we are now seeing shortages of other ADHD medication and we don't have a date for resupply.

"Sometimes we can get some but will be limited to one packet per month pharmacy and that's not helpful either. It's hugely frustrating."

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Source: BBC News, 15 April 2024


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