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NHS told long-term sick can ‘get on with life’ if treated at home

Millions of people with long-term illnesses should get medical treatment at home rather than in hospital to help them carry on working, according to a report.

The NHS is being urged to deliver more medicines directly to patients’ doors, so they can self-administer drugs at home, and “get on with life” rather than having to travel back and forth to hospitals.

New research shows this model of care, called clinical homecare, helps those needing regular treatment for chronic conditions, including cancer and arthritis, to stay in employment and retain independence.

Experts said providing more patients with specialist medicines at home can play a vital role in tackling the UK’s growing rates of economic inactivity, with 2.7 million long-term sick now signed off work.

The report, commissioned by the National Clinical Homecare Association, said expanding the schemes means millions of patients “could be supported to continue working and living their lives without being defined by their health status”, adding that up to three million cancer patients could benefit.

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Source: The Times, 19 March 2024


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