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Hospital declares critical incident as beds full

A large number of people in hospital beds waiting for onward care has forced an NHS trust to declare a critical incident to "protect patient safety".

Isle of Wight NHS Trust said on Monday demand for its emergency departments was outstripping the number of free beds, leading to delays.

People are being asked to collect their relatives as soon as they are ready to be discharged.

In a statement, interim chief operating officer Victoria Lauchlan said: "We currently have a high number of people in hospital beds who are waiting for onward care arrangements in the community.

"We are working as an island healthcare system to do everything we can to ensure we can help better support these people to be discharged home with a package of care or to care and nursing homes.

"At this time we are asking people to help by collecting their relatives or friends as soon as they are ready to leave and helping with any additional care and support at home."

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Source: BBC News, 12 March 2024


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