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‘A fake Ozempic jab nearly killed me – it’s time for the Government to step in’

A 45-year-old mother who almost died after injecting herself with a life-threatening amount of insulin she thought was Ozempic is calling on the Government and social media companies to crack down on the online counterfeit weight-loss jab trade.

Michelle Sword, a receptionist from Carterton, Oxfordshire, first took Ozempic without any issues after she was prescribed it by a legitimate online pharmacy in early 2021. Ms Sword said she completed an online questionnaire and gave a false BMI that she knew would qualify her the drug. “I just told them what they wanted to hear,” she said.

Ms Sword said she takes responsibility for her actions, but criticised rogue sellers for taking advantage of people with insecurities and selling a product that “can kill you”.

She also wants the Government and social media companies to step in to tackle the trend. “I think the drug was in such infancy in what we knew about it that they weren’t able to “police” who got it, who took it, who sourced it. I think they [the Government] need to look at that.”

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Source: inews, 26 November 2023


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