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More women to get contraceptive pill from chemists in England

Almost half a million women will be able to get the contraceptive pill from pharmacies in England, from next month, without the need for a GP appointment.

Treatments for urinary infections and other common conditions will also be on offer under the Pharmacy First scheme.

NHS England said it was a safe and common-sense way of making NHS services easier for patients to use.

New Health and Social Care Secretary Victoria Atkins said the changes meant "more options for women when making a choice about their preferred contraception" and would free up GP appointments.

From February, pharmacists who successfully apply to join the scheme will be able to offer advice and treatment, including antibiotics, for seven common conditions:

  • sinusitis
  • sore throat
  • earache
  • infected insect bites
  • impetigo
  • shingles
  • urinary tract infection in women.

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Source: BBC News, 16 November 2023


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