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More hips replaced in private hospitals than in NHS

The number of NHS-funded hip replacements carried out last year remained well below pre-covid levels, while the total funded privately nearly doubled to cover the shortfall, new data reveals.

The National Joint Registry annual report, which tracks orthopaedic activity across the NHS, showed the number of NHS-funded elective hip replacements carried out at NHS facilities in 2022 was at its lowest level since 2007.

However, the number of procedures performed in independent hospitals – both funded by the NHS and funded privately – has increased sharply. 

Orthopaedics is the biggest single elective specialty, with 847,000 of the current waiting list of 7.7 million on a trauma and orthopaedics pathway. As of July, 43% of these patients had been waiting longer than 18 weeks. 

The NJR report said: “The independent sector provision has increased hugely [since 2007] particularly in the last few years of covid recovery and there are now more hip replacements carried out in the independent sector than in the NHS.

“Despite the cost-of-living crisis the number of hip replacements paid for privately has almost doubled since 2019.”

Read full story (paywalled)

Source: HSJ, 10 October 2023


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